Events at Firefly Valley

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From intimate ceremonies to events of up to 500 people, Firefly Valley offers one-of-a-kind settings for an unforgettable Southern Illinois Wine Trail event. With the perfect balance of rustic charm and modern luxury, events or weddings at Firefly Valley are sophisticated, understated, and personally tailored to your tastes and personality, creating a breathtaking experience that’s a true reflection of your group or as a couple.

Firefly Valley also boasts a great concert venue.  Home of some of the biggest shows on the wine trail.



Firefly Valley can accommodate anything from an intimate event with just a couple guests to larger events for up to 500 guests.  Concerts utilizing the outdoor concert venue the potential is unlimited.  Firefly Valley boasts a natural amphitheater setting over looking Valley...... ready to provide ample parking and room for thousands.


We don’t call it Firefly Valley for nothing!  Perched on a Hill The Firefly Valley Lodge overlooks a beautiful valley lined with a sand stone creek.   The 75 acre property is lined with large Hickory and Oak trees making this property secluded yet wide open for the views.  In the fall the trees turn this Valley into a rainbow of colors suitable for the best photographs for any event.

INSURANCE (required but its easy)

Events that provide alcohol beverages, will require Special Event Liability Insurance in the amount of 1million dollars. 

This can be an easy add on to your home insurance and sometimes is also called Special Events Endorsement Request. If you do not own a home at this time you can contact a insurance broker (I have provided one below).

The cost of this insurance typically is $190 if you do not own a home.

If it is just an add on to your home insurance it runs less then $100.

The "additional insured" on the form should be listed as Mavoproperty LLC. A copy of this insurance will be required to be sent to Mavoproperty LLC prior to your event.

Salinas Insurance (Energy Illinois) - 618-521-8726

EVENT FEE will be applied to normal rental rate.

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Wedding and Event Services

Have your next event at Firefly Valley. Our services and costs are affordable and easy to understand. Let us host your next event.

What does it Cost

Rental of the lodge for minimum of 2 days (if you plan on renting a tent it is required to rent the lodge for 3 days including Sunday night (for tent tear down). Add an event fee of $800 plus $50 housekeeping fee.  Events larger then 20 people require mobile restroom facility or port a potties.


We feel that the Wedding or the event planner should be able to decide whom they want food service from. So here at Firefly Valley you have a choice. Simply put….you get to have whom ever you chose to have. 

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